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Notion Ink Adam pre-orders to start shipping today   no comments

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Notion Ink should begin shipping out pre-orders of its Notion-Ink-Adam-on-the-assembly-line Adam tablets today.  NI may also be able to ship orders scheduled for February a little early – by the end of this month.  A second round of pre-order taking has been hinted at as well, if you are interested you should keep an eye on Notion Ink’s website.


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Written by Richard on January 19th, 2011

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More Notion Ink videos   1 comment

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Notion Ink has released several more videos over the past week of the Adam tablet at work and play.

Most recent is a video of Canvas, the Adam’s drawing and editing software:

Next is a video of Sniffer, the Adam’s file browsing utility:

And finally we have Mail’d, the email client:


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Written by Richard on December 23rd, 2010

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New Notion Ink Adam Videos   1 comment

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In an effort to allay the suspicions of the doubters out there Notion Ink has released a couple of new videos of the Adam tablet and its Eden interface.  More videos are promised to be forthcoming.  Probably in order to add to the veracity of the videos no editing has been done, so they may seem a bit rough:

The Pixel Qi version of the Adam is still sold out, and the backlit LCD versions are now shown as shipping in Feb. or March of 2011.   Mary Lou Jepsen writes in the Pixel Qi blog that we can, “Rest assured Notion Ink is ordering a lot more screens from us!”

Rohan Shravan, CEO of Notion Ink, has answered a number of answers to questions submitted by readers over at Android Police.  This is worth a read if you are interested in the Adam.  The video below is one Rohan sent to Android Police:



IT Var News is reporting that it was told by a Notion Inks spokesperson that the company is planning to sell the Adam through regular retail channels and that when enough units are sold in a given region service centers will be set up there.

In the Android Police interview Rohan says that retail partnerships have been made in the US, UK and Europe; a press release will be forthcoming, “as soon as products are ready with them.”  Being able to order the Adam from some place like Amazon would feel a lot more secure to many potential customers here than having to order direct from India.


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Written by Richard on December 19th, 2010

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Notion Ink Pre-orders Mess   no comments

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Notion Ink launched its pre-orders for the Adam yesterday, but the long awaited event did not proceed smoothly.  Accompanied by many glitches and tainted by a cloud of controversy and suspicion, the Pixel Qi versions of the Adam tablet did manage to sell out nevertheless.

Notion Ink’s payment gateway fell apart under the onslaught of orders and many customers had their orders rejected because their credit card companies thought the transaction was fraudulent.  Notion Ink’s posted return and warrantee policies, which don’t seem entirely consumer friendly, did not help raise confidence levels either.

Several of the large tech blogs smelled something fishy at Notion Ink and have pulled no punches in their condemnations and warnings of fraud.  The best and most level-headed analysis of the situation I have seen is at Android Police.

I didn’t order an Adam myself.  My friend’s logo design was one of the semifinalists in NI’s logo contest and according to the NI blog he should be getting some sort of “steep discount” offer that he planned on taking advantage of.  So far that has not materialized.  I was planning on borrowing his Adam tablet to review.

While pre-ordering anything is risky, especially when it is coming from another country than the one you live in, my take is that the Adam is not a fraud, although it remains to be seen if in actuality it lives up to its hype.  The Adam is without doubt the victim of an inexpertly handled launch.  To be safe it would probably be best to wait until a few reports surface from buyers who have the Adam in hand and have had a chance to use it.  If there are problems with the Adam or if it turns out to be less than advertised it will not be a painless return.  It should also be noted that the Adam has not yet passed the FCC.

The specs and features of the Adam do look very good and the pricing is enticing.  I do hope that it lives up to expectations.

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Written by Richard on December 10th, 2010

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Notion Ink Adam pre-orders to start tomorrow   no comments

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Notion Ink will begin accepting pre-orders for the Adam tablet tomorrow, Dec. 10.  Pricing for the Adam variants has also been released:

  • LCD display: Wi-Fi only $375.33; with 3G $425.33.
  • Pixel Qi display: Wi-Fi only $499.45; with 3G $549.99.

The default color of the Adam will be matte black with a white strip, but beginning in January different colors of accent strips will be available.  There are a lot of new screen shots of the Adam’s UI on the Notion Ink blog and a few new details.

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Notion Ink Adam News   1 comment

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Rohan Shravan, founder and CEO of Notion Ink, has been teasing the company’s forthcoming Pixel Qi based Notion-Ink-Adam-Tablet-Pixel-Qi Adam tablet with a steady trickle of details and new photos on the official Notion Ink blog

It looks like the Adam is getting pretty close to release, although it likely won’t make it in time for Christmas this year (it could still make it — I hope I’m wrong).  Rohan hints that something good is happening on Dec. 6, but as to whether that will be the beginning of pre-order taking for the Adam, the launch of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or something else entirely is unclear. 

My money would be on the Gingerbread launch, but pre-orders should happen pretty soon. When pre-ordering does start, those who have commented on the Notion Ink blog in the past (too late now!) are slated to get priority.  Notion Ink really seems like a company that wants to stay in touch with its fans/customers.

My friend entered a design in Notion Ink’s recent logo Notion-Ink-New-Logo contest and, while he didn’t win, he was one of the semifinalists.  This means he is supposed to receive an offer for a “steep discount” on the Adam when it does become available.  So I should at the very least get a good fondle of the Adam — the very thought has me all hot and bothered. 

The winning logo is shown to the right.  Apparently it is very similar to an existing company logo however, and the last word on it is that Notion Ink is checking with the other company to see if they object to the use of the similar design. 

Some recent details that have been released about theFile-Browser-on-the-Notion-Ink-Adam-beta-version Adam and its onboard applications:

  • All six variants of the Adam have passed EMI testing at the FCC.
  • All of the Adam’s software is now in beta.
  • Email client (Mail’d):  One unusual (and potentially controversial) feature is the ability to recall email that has been sent out.  This could have security applications, as it might help prevent sensitive info contained in an email from being forwarded all over the place.
  • Notion Ink has improved the font handling of Android for the Adam.  Hopefully this will work with the optional Pixel Qi display to make the Adam a great ereader.
  • The glass used in the Adam’s screen:  One reason that a lot of devices have such glossy screens is that a glossy surface is more scratch-resistant.  After a lot of experimentation Notion Ink has come up with a screen for the Adam that is closer to matte but resistant to scratching.  Also, matte LCD screens suffer from light diffusion problems, especially when displaying green colors, and this is exacerbated by a touchscreen layer.  Notion Ink has put a lot of work into solving this issue as well.

There is also now a new online community site for fans of the Adam — the aptly named NotionAddicts forum is a good resource for more info and opinion on the first Pixel Qi tablet.

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Written by Richard on December 4th, 2010

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Notion Ink Adam Update   2 comments

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Over the weekend the Notion Ink blog had some more details of the Adam Pixel Qi tablet.  There are also a few production model photos.

Much of the new info relates to multitasking and memory optimization.  On the Adam you will be able to run an application in a full screen mode or in a smaller window or panel.  When in full-screen mode you have access to more components and features of the app.  When the application is run in a panel, the Adam “decides which component (of an application) to call, what to load, when to connect, what to read from memory and when to refresh.”

You can have an infinite number of panels open at once, but only three at a time are active.  The rest are in a light sleep.  You can switch between application panels at any time, making them active — but you are limited to three active panels at one time.

This system results in better memory optimization and speed.  Apps from the Android Market that are designed for mobile devices can also be run in these panels without having to enlarge them.  It sounds as if Notion Ink may be able to use this feature to access the Android Market.  Many other Android tablets cannot at the moment because the current version of Android is not optimized for tablets according to Google.

There is also a video of the Adam running a LongBox comic store app:

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Written by Richard on October 11th, 2010

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Notion Ink Adam Update   1 comment

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Notion Ink posted some new info on their blog yesterday.  The most important note is that the Adam now looks to hit the FCC a week earlier than previously scheduled.  A couple of new hardware details:  Sounds like the Adam will have user replaceable batteries, and there will be an on/off switch for the display of the LCD model’.  In the Pixel Qi version of the Adam the switch will toggle between transmissive and reflective modes.  Turning off the display of the LCD version might be useful if you are listening to audio and are not using the screen.  Integrating the on/off switch also allows Notion Ink to use the same case for both models and helps keep costs down.

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Written by Richard on September 15th, 2010

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Pixel Qi vs iPad in the Sunshine   no comments

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Below is a video from Gizmodo of a Pixel Qi equipped notebook and an iPad in the sunshine.   On her Pixel Qi blog Mary Lou Jepsen says that Pixel Qi screens are in about a dozen devices being shown at Computex, including five tablets.

There is a good article on the Notion Ink Adam tablet , which will use a Pixel Qi display,  at  It looks like the Adam is now expected to be out around the holiday season and will be priced between $400 to $800.

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