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There have been several news releases over the past couple of days from Barnes & Noble.  There is also one rather big piece of news that has so far not been forthcoming.

First of all, B&N gets a new Vice President.  Gene DeFelice will serve as Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary.  DeFelice comes to B&N from previous positions at Savvis, Inc. and Spacelabs Medical, Inc., where he held similar positions.

Barnes & Noble also announced today that it will be offering two months free membership to new participants in its Membership program.  The Membership program normally costs $25 per year to join.  B&N’s loyalty program offers members several benefits including:

In Store:

  • 40% off list price on hardcover bestsellers
  • 10% off the Barnes & Noble list price on already discounted items such as the growing Toys & Games section, Adult games, DVDs, all café items and more


  • FREE Unlimited Express Shipping in 1-3 business days on
  • 10% off the Barnes & Noble list price on already discounted items such as the growing Toys & Games section, Adult games, DVDs, all café items and more

You can find more details of the Membership program at Barnes & Noble.

And finally, the best news of the lot (apologies to Mr. DeFelice) is that an important new software update is imminent for the NOOK ereader. 

In our biggest update since we launched NOOK a year ago, we will dramatically increase NOOK 3G and NOOK Wi-Fi‘s page turn speed and deliver the features and performance enhancements most-requested from all of you! 

The 1.5 update includes improved search on the device, customized B&N Library organization and password protection. It also includes the ability to sync across all NOOK and all devices enabled with our free NOOK apps, by syncing your last page read. If you forget your NOOK at home, use the NOOK app for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android smartphone or PC to pick up where you left off. And, the next time you pick up your NOOK, the Reading Now page will be updated and ready to go.

The 1.5 update is expected to be released late in November.  B&N’s NOOK for Android app will also be getting an update, probably within a few days.  NOOK for Android v2.3 will add Go To a specific page, search within a book, view highlights and notes and delete books from the library.  The home screen will also  get an update.

This is great, but I’m wondering where NOOK 2 is?  It has been a year since the original NOOK ereader was released, and if B&N is going to release a new version in time for the holidays I would expect them to be announcing it now.  I’m thinking that NOOK 2 is going to be a no show if we don’t hear anything within the next week or two, at least for this year.  That would be a big disappointment for NOOK fans and a huge win for the Kindle as we move into the holiday shopping season.


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Written by Richard on October 19th, 2010

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