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Kindle DX Sold Out; Laser EB101 eReader Gets a Review   no comments

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Apparently the Kindle 3 is not the only member of Amazon’s ereader family that is selling well.  The graphite Kindle DX is currently being shown at Amazon as expected to ship in two to three weeks.

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A few days ago I wrote about the Laser EB101 ereader which is a new device being launched in Australia.  The Laser has been reviewed at Oz-E-Books (via iTWire) and seems to follow in the footsteps of the less than fully functional lower priced LCD ereaders that we have seen released lately in the US.


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Written by Richard on August 22nd, 2010

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Laser EB101 Color LCD eReader Hints at Ability to Read Kindle Books   no comments

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Laser is an Australian consumer electronics company Laser-EB101-Color-LCD-eReader based in New South Wales.  They are offering a color LCD ereader dubbed the Laser EB101.  There is not much special here except for some of the ad copy on the site that seems to suggest that the EB101 will work with ebooks from Amazon.  I bet that’s news to Amazon!

The Laser is described as working with all formats including DRMed content “which is legitamately (sic) purchased from on line stores such as Amazon.”  The site then goes on to add “if you’re considering an E-Book reader, you should check the licensing and compatibility with DRM fies (sic). The EB101 is fully licensed and fully compatible meaning more books, more videos, more music, more pictures and more use.”

Some buyers who don’t know better could purchase this ereader thinking they could then use it to read ebooks from the Kindle Store.  Not good.   Hopefully Laser will rewrite the description as this seems a bit deceptive – hopefully unintentionally so.

As for the ereader itself, it comes in either black or white, has a 5-inch LCD screen, 2GB internal memory, SD card slot and plays music and videos.  The battery life is said to be up to six hours.

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Written by Richard on August 16th, 2010

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