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M-Edge Executive Jacket for Irex DR800SG eReader   no comments

I usually choose device covers in black, but for my Irex DR800SG ereader IM-Edge-Executive-Jacket-Irex-DR800SG     went with the brown (M-Edge terms it Smooth Mocha if you want to get technical) as it is the first color available.  It turned out to be a good choice as the brown leather with gray plush interior compliments the pale gray bezel and bronze posterior of the DR800.

This is quite a good case, especially considering it only costs $20 plus $5 shipping.  The Executive Jacket has stiffening panels in both the front and back flaps to add protection.   The edges of the cover overlap the ereader’s edges by a quarter inch so that there is good cushioning should you drop (please don’t try this at home – we’re professional tech breakers here!) your ereader and it lands on a corner.


The DR800 has a couple of pin holes on the top and bottom left corners that the official Irex cover uses for its hinge system.  M-Edge has instead opted to use elastic corner bands on the top and leather bands on the bottom corners.  This feels quite secure, but for my own peace of mind I also stuck a wee bit of Velcro on my ereader’s backside.

The Executive Case also provides a handy holder for the stylus.  M-Edge has alsoM-Edge-Executive-Jacket-Irex-DR800SG-Corner-Strap provided a few (unnecessary to me) pockets in the front flap for business cards and papers or whatever. 

One minor complaint is that the leather strap on the bottom left covers the power switch, and you will need to pull it out of the way for access,  but I can live with this.  The USB port is unblocked. 

The Executive Jacket is also compatible with the M-Edge e-Luminator2 Booklight. All in all a good case, especially for the price.  Available at Amazon.  The purple flavor is also available now in a pebbled finish, and the M-Edge Latitude Jacket for the DR800 is ready in black or red.


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M-Edge Executive Jacket for Irex DR800SG eReader   no comments

If like me you have been holding off buying a cover for your Irex DR800SG ereaderM-Edge-Executive-Jacket-for-Irex-DR800SG-eReader until something besides the white one that Irex offers is available there is good news.  M-Edge has its Executive Jacket for IREX DR800 ereaders on Amazon now, and priced at only $19.99 it looks quite good.  So far Amazon only has the mocha color, but hopefully the black and purple flavors will soon join the show.

If you are looking for a shoulder bag, M-Edge also says that its Journey Kindle Bag($29.99) fits the DR800 ereaders as M-Edge-Journey-Bag-eReader-Case well as nooks and Sony ereaders.

M-Edge’s Hip Bagalso fits several different ereaders, including the DR800, nook and Sony ereaders and is priced at $34.99.

Still in the works at M-Edge is the Latitude Jacket for the DR800 which is “coming soon.”


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Written by Richard on April 2nd, 2010

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Odds n Ends   no comments

Just a few things I have not posted on yet.

1Cross Tech eReader

This is a curious new ereader that was on display at CeBit.  There is an e-ink screen on the left and a small LCD screen with a keyboard on the right side.  The hinged design allows the two sides to be folded back-to-back for easier one-handed use.  There is a video of the 1Cross on the video page.


enTourage eDGe unLoved at Engadget

Engadget has a review of the Entourage Edge by Joanna Stern that is pretty negative.  It sounds as though the Edge will need a few firmware updates.  That should sound pretty familiar by now.  More worrisome is that Stern also found the processor to be underpowered and a bit sluggish at times.

PocketBook Reviews at Nate’s Ebook News

Nate the Great has several video reviews of the PocketBook 360 and the Pocketbook 302 that are well worth watching.  The PocketBook 360 looks like a good and very portable ereader for those on the go.  I like the detachable hard screen cover.

Irex DR800SG Covers

Since I cracked the screen of my Neo, I’ve been understandably somewhat overprotective of my Irex DR800SG ereader.  Until I get a cover I’m leaving it at home where it is safely ensconced in a drawer when I’m not using it.  I’ve resolved to practice safe ereading from now on – so should you!

The only cover available for the Irex DR800SG so far is a white leather thingie from Irex that just doesn’t do it for me.   The sleeve that came with doesn’t cut it either as it does not provide enough screen protection.

Well, not to fear – new covers for the DR800SG from M-Edge will soon be here.  Besides the Executive and Latitude model jackets, M-Edge will have three shoulder bag style cases for the new Irex ereader.


The Irex DR800SG is also available now at Amazonthrough a third-party seller which might at least save you some sales tax if you are looking to buy one.


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