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Tablet & ereader news – 1/9/2011   no comments

Trying to catch up on some of the happenings I have not had a chance to write about while I was at CES.

Kobo was not present at CES other than being featured on some of the hardware, but they have timed a couple of press releases to coincide with the show.

Kobo says that it now has access to more than 20 million consumers through forging relationships with over a dozen partners such as tablet and ereader manufacturers and mobile operators. 

“In 2011, Kobo will emerge as the leading eReading service thanks to the adoption of tablets like the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and RIM Playbook. We estimate that Kobo will be preloaded on over 20 million devices this year,” said Michael Serbinis, CEO of Kobo. “As the only pure-play service in the space, our strategy has always been to make eReading available on any device, and our open-platform eReading applications and eBook store have proven to be popular among tablet OEMs looking to offer eReading to their customers.”

Kobo also announced access to more than 175,000 PDF’s geared toward education at prices that are lower than textbooks.  The PDF files can be viewed on Kobo eReaders, the Kobo Desktop Application and via Adobe Digital Editions software.

Topics included in the collection include medical texts and dictionaries, economics and business manuals, technical manuals and academic and scientific texts.  The titles come from over 2,000 participating publishers, including Prentice-Hall, McGraw-Hill, Blackwell, Palgrave, The World Bank, Springer, Financial Times Press, Routledge and a number of university presses.  For more information see the Kobo website.

* * *

Copia had a big booth at CES and banners everywhere accompanied by a couple of announcements.  Copia says that it has released its social reading app for Windows 7 devices, added support for IE9 at its website and released an Android app.  Motorola featured the Copia app on its Droid X smartphone at CES.  Looks like Copia has given up on marketing any devices of its own.

* * *

Ectaco has announced a new ereader – the jetBook K-12.  The new ereader will be aimed at the educational market and will come pre-loaded with books from the 50 State Reading Lists and a host of other features aimed at students:

The key features of the jetBook K-12, aside of being an eBook reader with built-in books from 50 State Reading Lists and a variety of editing, storing, memorization and text processing features are extended to Speaking Oxford English Dictionaries, Speaking Oxford English-Spanish (or one of the soon available 38 languages) Dictionaries, the most comprehensive electronic SAT and ACT preparation course with endless lessons, Speed Reading courses to aid students in learning to read faster, English-Spanish (or one of 12 available language pairs) Text Translation System that can translate any text in full, English, Spanish and other language grammar courses, Interactive Phonetic Language Teacher® program to teach virtually any language step by step, Linguistic crosswords, Graphing, Scientific and Accounting Calculators, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science reference books, interactive course of US History and Facts, interactive Periodic Table of Elements, Text and Voice Note storage, Audiobooks Player and much more. The jetBook K-12 is equipped with speech recognition and a voice feedback system to help disabled students navigate freely through each section.

The K-12 ereader will sport a 5-inch reflective TFT display.  The release of the K-12 is said to be “upcoming.”  I didn’t see this new ereader at the Ectaco booth at CES, nor can I find any pictures of it.  In a handout I was given at the booth there is the following picture of a “jetBook Oxford+” which lists all of the features above and comes with a scanning pen.

Ectaco-jetBook-Oxford -ereader * * *

Hanvon has also unveiled a new 9.7-inch ereader – the Hanvon WISEreader E920.  Besides features such as TTS, PDF annotations and instant Chinese-English translating, the E920 e-ink display has a resolution of 200 dpi.  This is higher and should provide a crisper view of graphics than the Kindle DX which has a resolution of 150 dpi.  According to E Ink Holdings the resolution of the Pearl e-ink display is capable of exceeding 200 dpi.  The picture below is from Hanvon.



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Copia to be featured on various mobile devices   no comments

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Copia has announced that its social reading platform will be featured on multiple tablets and mobile devices which should be on display at CES next week.  You may recall that once upon a time Copia was going to launch up to 6 ereaders of its own.  Perhaps life as a reading app is more viable.

By combining social networking and eBooks sales, Copia expands the parameters of the book as we know it.  Readers can purchase books, highlight passages, take notes and share them, as well as comment on other users’ entries. A book can exist both in its original published form and become a mutating work as comments are added and different views are expressed. 

Powered by its unique patent-pending collaborative annotation tool, Copia is redefining how the world interacts with books, allowing readers – regardless of location and on multiple devices – to instantly share thoughts and create discussions in the margins of their open eBooks.

"As the eReading trend continues to grow, top tier OEMs are looking for the best way to attract readers to their devices, and they recognize that only a Copia eBook lets people have a fully interactive experience with the book, their friends and literary community at large," said Ben Lowinger, Executive Vice President of Copia Interactive, LLC. "And we are pleased that top tier OEMs are featuring Copia on their upcoming tablets and mobile devices."

For students, the note-sharing functionality coupled with Copia’s accessibility across multiple digital touch points is nothing short of a revolution in studying.  Professors can highlight books for their class, students can share notes, and authors can release special annotated editions. 

"It doesn’t matter what type of device you have. Copia’s device agnostic platform lets students study efficiently with others, anytime, anywhere," Lowinger added.


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eReader & Tablet News – 11/22/2010   no comments

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eReaders with paper-based screens?  Professor Andrew Steckl of the University of Cincinnati has been researching the use of electrowetting technology on a paper base.  The electrical engineering professor and his student have demonstrated that using a paper base could be just as effective as using a glass base for an electrowetting device. 

 The Daily Prophet could be passé before long.

Source: ScienceDaily

* * *

Borders has announced that it is extending its usual 30-day returns policy for the holiday season.  Gift buyers and recipients now have until Jan 31 to return any product purchased from Borders now through Dec 24.  Amazon usually extends its returns policy through Jan 31 as well.

Borders also announced today that it is participating in Google’s Local Availability feature.  This is a national service that provides customers with a fast and convenient way to search for books and other products at participating retailers. 

* * *

Rupert Murdoch is reportedly working on a new daily newspaper that will initially be exclusive to the iPad and will be called The Daily.  If successful, The Daily will also appear on the doorsteps of Android-based tablets.  According to a report in PCWorld, Steve Jobs is personally involved in the project.  The NYT also has a piece on The Daily.

* * *

Today Copia is moving out of private beta and into public beta.  There is also word today that Anthony Antolino, senior vice president and the most visible founder of Copia is leaving the company. 


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Written by Richard on November 22nd, 2010

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eReader & tablet news – 11/18/2010   no comments

Delta Electronics has partnered with Bridgestone Corp. to bring Bridgestone’s color epaper technology to market. 

Bridgestone’s Quick Response Liquid Powder Display (QR-LPD) is a bistable reflective display that uses airborne, electronically switchable powder particles of extremely high fluidity, resulting in an epaper display with fast response times and ultra-low power consumption.

The QR-LPD display will be marketed under the brand name “AeroBee.”  Initially Delta will be focusing on the Chinese market, using the new color reflective display technology in ereaders and e-signage.

Color QR-LPD displays are achieved by adding color filters to a monochrome display.  Bridgestone and Delta have shown demos of both black and white and color displays  before, but this latest announcement does not indicate whether AeroBee will include both monochrome and color versions.

Digitimes reported recently that Delta is also partnering with Japanese publisher  Kadokawa to introduce an ereader that will be intended for digital comics using Bridgestone’s QR-LPD display — obviously that will want to be color.

The video below is from Diginfonews and is about seven months old.  If you watch older videos from 2009 you will notice that the screen refresh of the prototype displays has improved, but it still seems too slow for ereader page turns to me.  Hopefully this has been improved on since this video was made.

* * *

Black Friday seems to be a predominantly American thing, but Amazon is trying to infect the UK with the concept.  From 22 Nov, Amazon UK will feature a variety of discounts and deals on various products.  These offers will take the form of “Lightning Deals” with a limited quantity of the featured item being offered at a discount for a limited time.

Over the five days the Black Friday promotion takes place over 200 deals will be offered.  Some of those mentioned include:

  • Over 60% off Nintendo Wii Consoles
  • Over 60% off Flip Mino High Definition Camcorders
  • Over 60% off Microsoft Xbox consoles
  • Canon PowerShot Cameras at less than half price
  • Over 60% off Eternity Moment Eau de Parfum
  • Over 70% off Pearl Necklaces
  • Sony TVs at half price
  • Coronation Street Golden Anniversary Collection DVD at less than half price

The percentage off is from the RRP or Amazon UK selling price.  You can keep track of the deals at Amazon UK’s Black Friday page.

* * *

It is looking like there is a good chance that Kindle 3 ereaders will be sold out by Christmas.  Recently there was a limit of five Kindle 5 ereaders per order.  Currently the limit is 3 Kindles per order, both at the Amazon US and the Amazon UK sites.  This is for shipment within the US or the UK.

The international order page for the Kindle 3 at now says that new orders for the Kindle 3 (both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G) will not ship for 7 to 9 weeks.  At Amazon’s UK site it appears that there are still some Wi-Fi + 3G Kindle 3 ereaders available for international shipment, but the Wi-Fi only version will not ship for 7 to 9 weeks.

If you want a Kindle 3 for Christmas and you live outside of the US or the UK, then best pick up one of the Wi-Fi + 3G models from the Amazon UK site before they are gone as well. 

* * *

The Copia social reading platform is out of beta.  Copia went from listing six different ereaders it would launch down to just two LCD models announced about five months ago to none.  At present there are no forthcoming ereaders promised at Copia’s site — you will read ebooks from the Copia ebookstore on your desktop, iPad or Win 7 phone.  An Android app is also in the works.

* * *

A couple of publishers have added their titles to the iBookstore recently:

Technology book publisher Peachpit has announced that hundreds of its titles, including Apple Training, Apple Pro Training series, Adobe Press and New Riders titles are now available in the iBookstore, with more to come.

Pearson, which specializes in publishing books for the home, office and technical professional communities, has announced that hundreds of its titles have been added to the iBookstore.

Pearson’s imprints include Addison-Wesley Professional and Prentice Hall Professional, Sams Publishing, IBM Press, Que Publishing, Cisco Press and Pearson IT Certification.

* * * has launched a free app for the iPad.  While this is primarily a shopping app that lets you buy wines from, there is also a lot of information provided for each wine including critical acclaim and pedigree specifics, winery background, region, varietal and even an interactive geo-location "tour."

If you want a more comprehensive wine app there is Wine Info for $3.99.  There is a version of this app for both the iPad and iPhone.

* * *

Don Johnston Inc. is having a sale on the Intel Reader.  Until Jan 30, 2011 the Intel Reader, which is designed for use by those with visual impairments, is $899, or $799 if two or more are purchased.  If that seems expensive, keep in mind that the regular price is $1500.

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Around the Web – 8/04/2010   no comments

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Mike Shatzkin has an interesting post about three new platforms for ebooks due to appear on the scene soon: Google Editions, Blio and Copia.  While I am somewhat skeptical of Copia’s hardware, their ebook platform does have some interesting features.

CNN has a video interview with author Anne Rice in which she explains why she is leaving Catholicism.  (via Huffington Post)

Eco-thriller author Marianna Jameson writes an interesting post on the Novelists Inc blog about the sometimes eerie similarities between her book Frozen Fire (co-authored with Bill Evans) and BP’s mess in the Gulf.

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Copia’s $99 eReader   no comments

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A couple of days ago the WSJ wrote about a changeCopia-5-inch-Ocean-Reader of plans at Copia.  Instead of offering six different ereaders (which never made any sense, but they didn’t ask me) Copia will now offer two ereaders: a 5-inch model for $99 and a larger 10.1-inch touchscreen model for $299.  Both of these ereaders have LCD displays.

Actually this is not new.  Copia revealed their changed strategy at least a month ago, although the Copia website is still only showing the original ereaders – I can find no mention of the two new LCD models.

Pardon my skepticism, but I’m really starting to doubt that we will ever see anything from Copia.  The company is taking so long to launch their product that by the time it arrives it will be old news and irrelevant.  The only interested parties will be those users – said by the WSJ to number in the hundreds – invested in the program through their participation in the beta.

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eReader News and Links– 6/30/2010   no comments

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Color Kindle coming sooner rather than later?  Pocket-lint, in a brief article covering a demonstration of Mirasol display tech and the coy comments of a Qualcomm spokesperson does absolutely nothing to dampen hopes that we may see a color Kindle with a Mirasol display by the end of the year.  Some nice photos are included as well.

* * *

Copia, which will sell both ebooks and pbooks and will have a strong emphasis on social networking is set to launch in July.  The company also has been planning to launch six different ereaders – four with 6-inch and two with 9-inch e-ink displays – with varying feature sets.

Publishers Weekly quotes Copia senior VP Anthony Antolino as saying that Copia has reconfigured its ereader lineup and will be selling a 5-inch color LCD model for $99 and a 10.1-inch touchscreen LCD model for $299.  It is not clear from the article if Copia will be completely abandoning its e-ink based devices.

The new ereaders have not yet made an appearance at the Copia website.  It really never made much sense to me that Copia would have so many different ereader models, and it makes even less sense now in the current market. 

* * *

Baker & Taylor, Inc, which makes claim to being the world’s largest distributer of books both paper and digital, is also one of the powers behind the Blio reader.  B & T recently announced that they have entered into an agreement with F+W Media to bring that company’s rich, highly formatted content to Blio.

F+W Media publishes full color, richly illustrated instructional titles for graphic designers, artists, craftsmen, woodworkers and others.  Baker & Taylor has announced similar agreements to bring graphics-rich content to Blio from other publishers, including John Wiley & Sons and Elsevier.  The latter is a leading publisher of medical, scientific and technical books.

I’m looking forward to having Blio on the iPad; I saw the Blio demo at CES and it was impressive.

* * *

Amazon’s previously announced 70 percent royalty option for its Digital Text Platform (DTP) goes live today.  Amazon also announced some feature improvements to make DTP more convenient for authors and publishers: a more intuitive “Bookshelf” feature and a simplified two-step publishing process.

* * *

The New York Times is reporting that Google is close to reaching a deal with the American Booksellers Association which would make Google Editions the main source of ebooks on the websites of most independent booksellers.

* * *

Amazon’s Kindle will be sold at some airports around the US.  HMSHost has signed an exclusive deal with Amazon to sell the 6-inch Kindle at its shops in the following airports:

  • Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International: Simply Books
  • Charlotte Douglas International: Simply Books
  • Dallas Ft. Worth International: Simply Books
  • George Bush Houston Intercontinental: Simply Books
  • Miami International: Simply Books
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul International: Simply Books, Authors Bookstore
  • LA/Ontario International: Authors Bookstore
  • Salt Lake City International: Simply Books
  • San Diego International: Authors Bookstore
  • Mineta San Jose International: Authors Bookstore
  • Tampa International: Authors Bookstore

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