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If visions of your young children playing Frisbee with your expensive iPad are giving you the flutters, here are a couple of child friendly covers that may help.

Big Grips Frame for iPad

The Big Grips Frameis made of a lightweight squishy foam that not only provides a better grip and makes your iPad easier for young hands to hang on to — it also cushions the iPad when that inevitable fall does occur.  It comes in several child-pleasing primary colors and there is an optional stand available as well.  The material used is non-toxic, easily cleanable and both stain and germ resistant.  The Big Grips Frame is $35 and the optional stand is $25.  Available for all three editions of the iPad.


Speck iGuy Freestanding Case

Speck’s iGuy iPad casefor young children is a much more whimsical entry that comes in three colors and fits all iPads, although it will be much tighter and harder to fit onto the somewhat larger iPad 1.

This foam children’s cover can stand on its feet and the arms serve as handles.  When laid flat with the legs at top it provides a slight angle to make the iPad easier to use.

The way in which the iGuy is designed will make the iPad easier to use in landscape than portrait view.  MSRP is $40, but the iGuy is usually available in the low $30s.

KaysCase KidBox Cover

The KidBox Coverfrom KaysCase is a foam cover that features a large handle for easy carrying.  The handle also doubles as a stand.  The KidBox is made of non-toxic EVA foam and is available in blue or pink (there is also a black version of the same cover from i-Blason).  Fits the iPad 2 and iPad 3.  Priced at about $37.

Disney Hybrid Case

Disney’s Hybrid Case is a bit more expensive than most of the other iPad cases designed for children, but it does come with some extras.  It includes a cover for the screen, a strap that can serve as a carrying strap or can be used to attach the iPad to a car’s headrest,  a child-friendly stylus and an integrated stand.  The Hybrid case is designed for the iPad 1 or 2 and is priced at around $45.

M-Edge Supershell

The M-Edge Supershellis another foam cover that fits both the iPad 2 and iPad 3.  Available in three colors, the Supershell has ridges molded onto the frame that make it easier to grip and carry.  Available from the mid $20s to mid $30s.

The photos above show, from left to right,  the KaysCase Kidbox, Disney Hybrid, M-Edge Supershell and the i-Blason ArmorBox.

i-Blason ArmorBox

i-Blason’s ArmorBox iPad cover is a child-friendly case that comes in a variety of colors, some of which are also much more adult friendly than the other cases we’ve looked at so far.  Rather than being constructed of foam, this drop and impact resistant case features a polycarbonate shell with a shock absorbing silicon inner-sleeve.  It comes with an integrated kickstand and is priced at $28.  Besides the black model shown, the ArmorBox is also available in pink, blue, green, etc.

PS: If you are looking for an iPad cover for older children, Dodocase makes a couple of nice ones.  Check out the Morris Lessmore icon (as in the Fantastic Flying Books of ) case and the Random Monster iconcase.


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Written by Richard on April 10th, 2011

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