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Another day, another Amazon tablet rumor.  Today’s buzz is somewhat more creditable-sounding — to me at least.  DigiTimes is reporting that Quanta Computer, the largest ODM notebook manufacturer in the world, has received orders from Amazon for a tablet PC. 

According to the report, Amazon’s tablet will feature an FFS LCD touchscreen from E Ink Holdings’ Hydis division.  Like the IPS LCD display of the iPad, FFS (now usually known as AFFS — Advanced Fringe Field Switching) technology enables a wider field of view than a normal LCD.  According to the Hydis website an AFFS LCD display is also capable of being readable outside in bright sunlight. 

Digitimes sources report that Quanta is expected to start shipping the new tablet as soon as the second half of this year.  The report goes on to say that E Ink has recently been trying to book up the production capacity of a Taiwanese small to medium size panel maker, which would add veracity to the story.

This could be just another rumor, but the fact that this type of LCD can at least be read out of doors does add some credibility, even though it is still a backlit display.  From what I’ve seen I like Mirasol as a color display for the Kindle Tablet, but perhaps Amazon just does not feel it can afford to wait until Mirasol or another suitable non-backlit display can go into mass production.


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Written by Richard on May 3rd, 2011

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