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Readers who do it digitally do it more   no comments

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A new Pew Research study confirms what you probably already know if you use an ereader: Readers who read ebooks read more than those who read paper books.  According to the study, readers who read ebooks averaged 24 books over the course of a year while paper book readers averaged 15 books.

Of course ereaders will have the most appeal to those who are avid readers, so it is to be expected that ereader owners are heavier readers.  Indeed, the study participants who read ebooks reported that they read more books in all formats.  But ereaders also enable their users to easily read more by making reading much more convenient in an ever more hectic world.  Pew finds that 41% of tablet owners and 35% of ereader owners report spend more time reading since they started reading digitally.

The study also found that ereader owners are more likely to have bought their most recent book rather than having borrowed it.  Well, loaning ebooks is still rather cumbersome and fraught with restrictions.  This is one argument for ebooks being priced lower than their dead tree counterparts.


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Written by Richard on April 5th, 2012

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Amazon launches eBooks Kindle en Español   no comments

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Amazon has launched a new Spanish-language ebookstore that is incorporated within the U.S. Kindle Store.  eBooks Kindle en Español launches with over 30,000 titles and, in addition to ebooks from Latin American authors and translations of English-language titles includes Kindle Singles, 14 Latin American newspapers and over 1,000 free public domain titles.

Barnes & Noble set up a Spanish-language section of the Nook Store some time ago, but Amazon claims that the Kindle Store now contains the largest selection of Spanish-language bestsellers available in the U.S.

Amazon’s KDP publishing platform can be used by indie authors and publishers to create Spanish-language ebooks and make them available in the new eBooks Kindle en Español store as well as in over 100 other countries.  Kindle owners in the U.S. can change the storefront language of their Kindle ereaders to Spanish by visiting the Manage Your Kindle page at Amazon (it’s at the bottom of the Manage Your Devices section).


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Written by Richard on April 5th, 2012

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