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Liquavista will be talking at FPD/SEP 2010 next month in Japan about the scalability and versatility of its electrowetting displays.

“We’ve chosen FPD Japan to talk about the scalability of electrowetting technology because now that the technology is on the verge of becoming available we feel that it’s critical to describe what is possible and to share this with the industry.” Said Johan Feenstra, Liquavista’s CTO & Founder.  “We’ve already proven in prototype production that we can develop a variety of displays ranging from 1.8” to 8.5” diagonal and believe there is no physical limitation to the size of screen that can be developed using electrowetting technology.”

“Demonstrating the ability to make electrowetting panels for all display applications regardless of their screen size shows the clear vision that Liquavista has of the future.”  Added Guy Demuynck, Liquavista’s CEO.  “Pairing this flexibility in size with the versatility of the technology brings a compelling proposition for any manufacturer of electronic devices, regardless of the application.  We have the manufacturer and consumer at the heart of our roadmap.  In support of the commercial delivery of our product next year, we believe it’s important to deliver screens which can be used in any device from small scale mobile displays through to large scale outdoor screens.”

It is likely to be late next year before we begin to see products utilizing a Liquavista display.

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Notion Ink is looking for a new logo and is having a design competition to find the right one.  They are offering a $1000 prize and an Adam Pixel Qi tablet (when released) for the winning design.  The contest will end soon; for details see the Notion Ink blog.

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Digitimes reports that Google has notified its partners that the Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) OS will soon be ready and that engineering samples including those pertaining to tablets should be going out in December.  This means that hopefully in H1 of next year we will see Android-based tablets that can access the Android Market out of the box.

Phandroid has a blurry photo of a phone running Android 3.0 in the wild and reports on some of the new features of the next iteration of the OS.  One of the biggest appears to be support for video chat.


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